Dear families,

Your help is needed! We are looking for volunteers to help run the Motor Moms and Dads program. This program is beginning its sixth year at Garfield, and the benefits of this program include building and developing gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sense of balance, far point to near point vision, and coordination. Volunteers would need to come to school during the school day for approximately 60-90 minutes, 1 or 2 days per week. We will work with your schedule!

Students who receive Motor Moms and Dads on a regular basis quickly improve their basic motor skills that are vital to classroom success. Far point to near point vision, being able to use both sides of your body simultaneously (crossing the mid line), and fine motor integration are all skills needed to be successful in reading and writing. Consider what children are asked to do in school: look at the chalkboard then at their paper (far point-near point vision), hold a pencil, scissors and book (fine motor skills), and read a book (visual motor integration, crossing the midline, fine motor skills). We want to build on these skills in order to increase student success. Teachers have seen improvement in children’s academic success due to their improved gross motor skills.

We primarily work with children in kindergarten and first grade. It is our hope that by the middle of second grade our students have developed the necessary gross motor skills to be successful in school. Careful assessment allows us to determine if continued support is necessary after first grade.

Motor Moms/Dads brochure

Motor Moms/Dads video