The Garfield technology committee is comprised of teachers from each grade level, support and special area teachers, and the principal. Under the guidance of the technology committee, Garfield staff continually collaborates on the integration of technology with the curriculum.  The technology committee arranges for and provides in-house training on hardware and software use. Additional in-building support is provided by staff who have received training from district IT support personnel.

Garfield technology initiatives

Garfield has piloted several technology initiatives in Livonia Public Schools. It was the first elementary building to utilize wireless access in April of 2000, via the iMac computers, the iBook laptops and the Airport base stations. Consequently, students experienced "anytime, anywhere" learning. Although the current Dell computers do not have wireless access, Garfield continues to utilize the wireless network with staff iPads and other wireless-accessible hardware.

Garfield also piloted internet access for 1st and 2nd graders in 2008. Since that time, all LPS students now have internet access.

Enhancing instruction 

Garfield teachers have all investigated various grade-appropriate web sites for  students to access, either from home, or while at school. Click here to link to your child's teacher's site.

Regardless of the subject area, Garfield teachers enhance their instruction with numerous technological resources. Classes go to the computer lab at least once a week. In addition to instruction on basic internet safety, hardware identification, technology vocabulary, and network accessibility, students are exposed to keyboarding skills, word processing, spreadsheets and related data analysis, animation, and research, and online testing. Several teachers have utilized to enhance student writing samples. Students are excited to be able to communicate to their classmates, using the technology available at Garfield.

Students are encouraged to do technology-driven projects. Some students have directed, recorded, and edited movies reflecting their learning. Over the years, students have done weekly newscasts that were posted to Garfield's web site, and video presentations and re-enactments of portions of books and math lessons. These movies/videos can be viewed on classroom web pages.The media specialist provides internet safety information to parents. Parental permission, including signing the district's Acceptable Use Policy, is required before any student can use the internet. In addition, staff provide instruction for students' appropriate and ethical use of the internet, along with potential pitfalls. Students are not allowed on the internet without directed teacher/adult supervision. 

Technology equipment

Each classroom is equipped with a Lumens document camera and projector, as well as external speakers connected to the teacher's computer. The Garfield PTA has generously provided some of these items, as needed. Some Garfield classrooms have small amplification systems. This allows students to more clearly understand and focus on the lessons and teacher instruction.

In the spring of 2015, Garfield was asked to pilot the classroom use of iPads, Chromebooks, and Android tablets. Students are engaged and excited to learn using this additional equipment.

In addition to one teacher computer, classroom teachers have the option to include additional computers in their classroom to aid in instruction. Some of the software that is available on the computers include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), Corefx, Google Sketchup, Earobics, Everyday Math, FasttMath, System 44, iMovie, MovieMaker, and Audacity.

Communicating with the community

Garfield is very proud to be able to communicate with the community in a number of ways. Our principal and secretary periodically send phone message blasts to parents to advise them of upcoming events or other important issues. Teachers have classroom web sites. The entire Garfield staff has tried very hard to become paperless, communicating as much as possible with parents via their classroom web site, phone, or e-mail news blasts. Some teachers text parents, as well, whenever possible.

Garfield Tech Committee Mission Statement

Garfield Tech Committee Charge