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Student Enrollment

Garfield Skills Center 

Referral and Enrollment Process

The referral process will be followed when a referral is made to the Livonia MoCI Center Program.  This process may take 30 days to complete after all required documentation has been submitted. 

1. Referral:

The sending district initiates the referral process for a student by contacting the Garfield Skills Center Program Specialist, Leah Clark at 734-744-2810.

The sending district is asked to include the following documents with the referral packet.  This will enable us to determine the appropriateness of our program to the student.  Please use this checklist to make sure all required documents have been included.

  • Release of Information

  • Most recent IEP Date: _____________

  • Most recent REED Date: _____________

  • Most recent MET Date: _____________ with supporting reports including:

    • Teacher Report

    • Psychological Evaluation

    • Speech-Language Report (if applicable)

    • Occupational Therapy Report (if applicable)

    • Physical Therapy Report (if applicable)

    • Orientation and Mobility Report (if applicable)

    • Vision/Hearing Report (if applicable)

    • Social Work Report (if applicable)

  • Additional reports listed below, as applicable

    • Behavior Intervention Plan with data summaries - (required if behavior challenges are part of this students present level)

    • Health Care Plan

  • Birth Certificate

  • Immunization Record

2. Review of Records

The documentation will be reviewed to confirm that the student meets entry criteria.  The referring school district representative will then be contacted to discuss next steps.

3. Student Observation

If the referral appears to be appropriate, Garfield staff will conduct an observation at the student’s current placement.

4. Tour

Parent will be contacted by the program specialist to schedule a tour of Garfield Skills Center.  Parent will be given a registration packet at the end of the tour, if appropriate.

5. IEP Meeting

An IEP meeting will be scheduled at Garfield Skills Center.  The sending district completes the paperwork through the present level statement, as well as bringing proposed goals.  Sending district completes the invitation and also brings the last progress report.  Parent will need to return registration packet at this time.

6. Enrollment

Transportation is arranged by the sending district for a mutually agreed upon start date once all paperwork has been returned.